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Próximo Futuro

Próximo Futuro


"Research Curator for Africa": applications until 30th September 2011

Próximo Futuro

Mask, Angola, 1939.



The Museum der Weltkulturen, Frankfurt is seeking to employ a research curator for Africa


The Museum der Weltkulturen in Frankfurt, founded in 1904, is a Research Museum with an exceptional collection of 67,000 artefacts from all regions of the world including the African continent, the Americas, South East Asia, Oceania, and Europe. In addition, the Museum has an image archive with more than 120,000 photographs, a growing collection of historical and contemporary ethnographic film, and a library with over 50,000 books and periodicals. Housed in three 19th century villas located on Frankfurt’s ‘Museumsufer’, the Museum produces public exhibitions, programmes events, commissions new inquiry from social scientists, writers, and visual artists, and develops innovative approaches to education. A new extension to the Villas will be built during the course of the next four years, which will provide additional space for permanent and temporary exhibitions, a public reading room, a public study collection, and other facilities.


The central feature of the Museum lies in the combination of anthropology, advanced art practice, and experimental methods of analysis, translation and mediation. Activities take place in the museum’s exhibition spaces as well as in the Labor with its apartments, artists’ studios, and seminar rooms. With the collection at the forefront, issues of globalisation, aesthetic practice, and the changing nature of citizenship and intercultural identity are explored through a pioneering fieldwork process that takes place in the Museum itself.


The Museum is seeking to employ a Research Curator for Africa. The person must be well-versed in material culture and art forms from Africa. In addition, the Museum places emphasis on knowledge of new developments in social and cultural anthropology, current debates in global contemporary art, and cultural studies.


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